A Guide to Bicycle Knee Rehabilitation


The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons states that your knee is not only the largest joint in the body but is also one of the most complex. So it is no doubt that it is susceptible to injuries which most can be treated through non-surgical means. In most cases, non-surgical treatment includes rest, ice, compression, and elevation- collectively known as the RICE method. Aside from this approach, exercising the affected area using a stationary bike can also provide relief and avoid further injuring the damaged knee. But remember to consult arthrofibrosis before starting this regimen to have an in-depth understanding of your condition.

Why do Knee Rehabilitation?


Tendons and ligaments found in the joints usually become unstable and weak when your knee is injured. Certain exercises for rehabilitation actually strengthen joints and muscles which support the stiff knee. Apart from that, rehabilitation makes the joint for stable and will increase how flexible it can be. It can also improve the range of motion and the ability of your joint and muscle area to recover from the damage it has experienced.

Specific Bike for Specific Exercises

It’s a known fact that athletes prefer bikes which are more upright in nature. If you are however, having back problems, a reclining bike is more suitable for you during your rehabilitation. Experts will, most of the time, suggest that you give both kinds of stationary bicycles a try and see for yourself which one will feel better. In this manner, you can decide for yourself the type of exercise you want and make the regimen much easier to your knee, eventually leading to a more effective knee exercise. For further details regarding bicycle knee rehabilitation, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znfau7Tck84.

Good From is Vital

It goes without being said that the height of the seat and how high you set it is the most important aspect when setting your stationary bike. The seat should be at a height where you can have your legs straight at the bottom pedal position. If your knees cannot be straighten out, then adjust your seat accordingly. Experts also dictate that it is better to have the seat tilting upward rather downward to maximize effectivity. Also, it is advisable to have your knees and feet pointing in the forward direction.

Duration and Intensity

It is recommended that you conduct your rehabilitation exercise for 10 minutes only if you are just starting. After that, you can add one minute every day until it reaches 20 minutes. Over time, as your knees become more stronger and accustomed to the regimen, gradually add some resistance as well.


Knee Replacement – How To Attain Fast Recovery?


If your doctor recommends you to undergo a knee replacement surgery, then you might be wondering on what things to expect after your operation. According to experts, around 90 percent of patients who have knee replacement surgery is experiencing dramatic improvement in their activity levels as well as significant pain reduction in their knees. It’s therefore among the most successful orthopedic surgeries that are performed these days.


During the knee rehabilitation surgery, your doctor is going to replace the knee joint using a mechanical implant. This surgery is otherwise known as TKR or Total Knee Replacement or TKA or Total Knee Arthroplasty. The joint of knee is removed, then the bones are prepared for implants. This surgery is executed under general anesthesia and may last for few hours. As with all other major surgeries, it comes with some risks but your doctor is going to explain all these risks before making the decisions to proceed with the surgery.


The rates of success are quite high for performing TKR and it’s considered to be the most effective and safest. Many patients who are between 50 to 70 years old and over 50% are women. A lot of studies have also showed that TKR has stayed to be the most effective for the past 10 years which only means that, this surgery gives long term relief from knee pain because of osteoarthritis and several other degenerative conditions.


Your acl reconstruction will start after surgery. You’ll be up and walking with the help of a device like crutches or walker within a day. This is done so by that, you can use your new knee and speed up the healing process. You’ll work with your physical therapist (PT) in the hospital and get pain medications. You may make use of a continuous passive motion or CPM machine in the hospital and you might have one for your home once you’re discharged. This machine will flex and move your knee joint to be able to improve circulation and mobility. If used right after the surgery, it will discourage scar development which can prevent stiffness.


When you’re discharged from the hospital, you must be able to move around easily. You might or might not still need to use crutches and you may be experiencing less pain. Your PT will also prescribe activities and exercises for you to strengthen your knees. For more facts and information regarding knee replacement, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/about_5427467_total-knee-replacement.html.


These are done to achieve goals like increasing the strength of your knee through set of exercise as well as walking regimen, reduce inflammation and swelling, return to everyday activities and increase your range of motion so by that, you’ll be able to walk up and downstairs.

Everything You Need to Know About Total Knee Replacement


Are you suffering from severe knee stiffness, knee immobilization, knee pain and so on and so forth that affect your ability to do things? If the pain still feels painful even after you take steroid injections, physiotherapy, walking supports, and doing exercises and so on, then that is an unusual condition that you need to put attention with. Thus, total knee replacement surgery is what you need.


There are actually a lot of medical conditions that would lead to the need of total knee replacement surgery. These medical conditions are developmental abnormalities, genetics, obesity, injury and so on and so forth, but the most common medical condition is the knee arthritis.


Additionally called add up to knee replacement arthrofibrosis, add up to knee substitution is a perfect choice for individuals with extreme obliteration of the joint of the knee, bringing about huge torment, firmness and disabled capacity of the knee.


It is a noteworthy yet profoundly effective surgical strategy which includes substitution of each of the three compartments of the knee-the average that is within the knee, the parallel on the outside of the knee and the patellofemoral in the front of the knee.


In this surgery, bone surfaces of the knee and ligament that have been harmed by joint pain are expelled and supplanted with counterfeit surfaces on the inserts made of metallic and plastic materials that capacity like a sound knee. If you want to learn more about knee replacement, you can visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knee_replacement.


Now, these are the advantages of total knee replacement. There are actually a lot of advantages and benefits that people can have with a successful total limited range of motion replacement surgery. Firstly is that, it can tremendously improve the quality of one’s life. Secondly, one’s problems of disability, instability, restricted mobility of knee are completely aggravated with the help of knee replacement surgery. Thirdly, the total knee replacement surgery furnishes the patient with an extensive lessening or even end of agony. Taking after the surgery, the patients can to a great extent reestablish scope of movement of the knee. Fourthly, the agony free knee enables patients to hold an extensive variety of day by day exercises, including climbing stairs, shopping and getting in and out of seats, therefore empowering them to have an ordinary existence. Also, the patient will encounter enhanced muscle quality and enhanced arrangement of disfigured joints taking after the surgery. Lastly, total knee replacement surgeries last for a long time. It is actually proven that ninety five percent of these surgeries lasted for fifteen years and longer.


These are the important details and benefits that you need to know about the total knee replacement surgery.